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This FAQ has been made for those that experience difficulties in connecting to our IRC Channel. You should follow these 6 simple steps to connect to our server and chat while downloading roms from our site or FTP's and fserves in our chat channels. So let's be on our way to connect to the #emuparadise channel on EMUnet.

The easiest and fastest way to connect to our channel will be the JAVA interface on our site. You can use this by clicking on the CHAT link on the menu. Keep in mind that if you use the Java applet you can only chat! If you want to download files you will need an IRC client like mIRC. How? Keep on reading!

Another (better) way to connect to our channel is using mIRC. mIRC is a program that will help you in connecting to our channel and other channels on the IRC network. This FAQ will only cover the basics to help you connect to the EmuParadise IRC channel.

Here is a method of installing the client and then connecting to our IRC network:
1) First of all, you need to download the mIRC client from Go to the download page on the site and start the download. The file is quite small around 1MB, and shouldn't take more than 3 minutes on a 56k connection.

2) Install mIRC by double-clicking on the downloaded file.


3)Now click on Start->Programs->mIRC->mIRC

4) In the Full Name box, enter anything except your real name.
In the e-mail address box, enter anything but your real e-mail address.
In the Nickname box, enter your nickname
The Alternate nickname box is there because someone on IRC may already be using the nickname you want to use, so in that case, it will resort to the alternative nickname. When you're done, Ignore the rest and press OK.

5) Now enter /server It will then connect you to the server. And it will ask you which channel you want to join.

Type emuparadise and click on the Join button.

6) Now, the main chat window will pop-up.

Start chatting! Have fun!




In case you want any additions to this FAQ or have your own queries, mail me.

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