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Retro Game of the Day Archive - October 2020

01st Oct 2020

Thunder Force V (J)

Sega Saturn ISO

AmySaturn says:
Thunder Force V is a horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up developed by Technosoft. The fifth game in the series, made the jump to 3D graphics making it dated in that department, but is nonetheless a step up in gameplay from even the fourth game.

User Rating: 4.54/5.00

02nd Oct 2020

Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Atari Collection 1[U]

Sony Playstation ISO

DCRage says:
One of the first entries in the popular Arcade's Greatest Hits and related series from Midway. this disc features 6 of the early Atari arcade hit games from the early 1980s: Asteroids, Battlezone, Centipede, Missile Command, Super Breakout & Tempest.

User Rating: 4.44/5.00

03rd Oct 2020

Killer 7 (USA)

Sony Playstation 2 ISO

Somtaw says:
A cel-shaded blend of third-person movement and first-person shooting, Killer 7 places you in the role of Harman Smith, a wheelchair bound assassin with the ability to transform into any one of seven distinct personae. Take a dive into the insanity that is Killer 7 at least once, if only to meet ...

User Rating: 4.43/5.00

04th Oct 2020

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Portable (Japan)


Shivender says:
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is the popular anime, manga and novel series about a boy who just transferred school and is having trouble making friends who teams up with loners Yozora and Sena to form a school club for others who don't have many friends, either. This PSP game will bring the story to many ...

User Rating: 4.61/5.00

05th Oct 2020

OutRun 2 SP (Japan)

Sony Playstation 2 ISO

dwelch10 says:
Feel the thrill of the wind rushing through your hair, feel the exhilarating, ludicrous drifts around sun soaked beaches, feel the arcade driving experience - OutRun 2 SP. This is the Japanese version of OutRun 2006: Coast to Coast, and it was reprogrammed by SEGA themselves, offering a better framerate ...

User Rating: 4.55/5.00

06th Oct 2020

Gunstar Heroes (Europe)

Sega Genesis - Sega Megadrive ROM

2BKurupt says:
Gunstar Heroes is an EPIC game! It is a run n gun side scroller with 4 stages. At the end of each stage you are faced with a Boss. You can either take this game all alone or with someone else. Your mission is to recover 4 gems, 1 located in each stage. You are the "Gunstar", a mercenary family that wants ...

User Rating: 4.72/5.00

07th Oct 2020

Ariel the Little Mermaid (USA, Europe)

Sega Genesis - Sega Megadrive ROM

gunzupcody says:
Ariel The Little Mermaid is an Ecco style action-adventure game based on the little mermaid franchise where you navigate your way through maze like levels freeing all the mermaids transformed by Ursula's magic while blasting all foes that gets in your way.

User Rating: 4.31/5.00

08th Oct 2020

Gokujou Parodius (Japan) (Beta)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) ROM

Iamerror says:
Gokujou Parodius is the second in the Parodius series. Parodius is a hilarious and ridiculous parody of Gradius. You never know what will be thrown at you. A panda in a tutu that has a flamingo on it's head. Yeah. A fun and challenging cute em up.

User Rating: 5/5.00

09th Oct 2020

Dynasty Tactics 2 (USA)

Sony Playstation 2 ISO

Killersteele says:
Play in this thrilling, engaging Dynasty Warriors spin off title. The sequel to Dynasty Tactics, once again, play as Lu Bu, Lui Bei, Sun, Ce, Cao Cao, and more in this in depth strategy game. Going over many characters and many different battles, you'll find many hours of good story and hard battles ...

User Rating: 4.7/5.00

10th Oct 2020

Final Fantasy II (USA) [Hack by JCE3000GT v1.2] (Hard Type)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) ROM

tomthebomb683 says:
Take on the role of four friends, Firion, Maria, Guy, and Leon, as they battle for control of Fynn from the evil Empire in this turn-based fantasy RPG.

User Rating: 4.2/5.00

11th Oct 2020


Amiga ROM

LeftyGuitar says:
Turrican is a side-scrolling shooting game. You play as a mech-type character who can fire weapons at enemies. Your goal of the game is to progress through each level. Each level has items to collect and enemies to destroy. You can find other weapons that are more powerful than your default weapon. The ...

User Rating: 3.97/5.00

12th Oct 2020

WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game (U)

Sega Saturn ISO

fikyh says:
WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game is a wrestling game released in 1995. The gameplay aspect in this game is similiar to Mortal Kombat series with its over the top and fast paced gameplay. The game features 8 wrestlers such as Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Doink the Clown and many more.

User Rating: 3.98/5.00

13th Oct 2020

Grand Theft Auto - Mission Pack #1 - London 1969 (E) (v1.1)

Sony Playstation ISO

el-padrino says:
The only Grand Theft Auto game set outside the United States. Also the only GTA to be set in a real city! The gameplay is almost the same as the original and first Grand Theft Auto, but cars drive from the other side of the road! The top-down view is also present here. It also adds 30 new cars and 36 ...

User Rating: 4.23/5.00

14th Oct 2020

Pac Man Vs

Nintendo Gamecube ISO

PurpleDaGamer says:
Pac-Man VS. is a multiplayer game where one player becomes Pac-Man and the other players becomes ghosts. Pac-Man's goal is to clear the maze by eating pellets. Special pellets allows Pac-Man to eat the ghosts. Once the maze is completed, the person who is playing as Pac-Man recieves extra points. The ...

User Rating: 4.71/5.00

15th Oct 2020

Batman of the Future - Return of the Joker (Europe) (En,Fr,De)

Nintendo 64 ROM

2BKurupt says:
Fight Joker and his gang of Jokerz in which they steal high-tech communications equipment. As Terry McGinnis, the new Batman, the player could run, punch, kick, glide, use weapons and gadgets, crouch, walk and open doors. There were two modes to choose from, Story Mode or Time Attack. There were ...

User Rating: 4.09/5.00

16th Oct 2020

FIFA 97 (1996)(Electronic Arts)

Abandonware Game

szunyzoli99 says:
The fourth game in the FIFA series is still very different from modern titles, but it's still about soccer.

User Rating: 4.32/5.00

17th Oct 2020

Dot Hack G.U. Vol. 2 - Reminisce (USA)

Sony Playstation 2 ISO

MrRobodyNobot says:
Dot Hack G.U. Vol. 2 - Reminisce is a Action RPG that takes the style of Anime and combines it the cyber culture to make a thoroughly enjoyable game. The game offers a continuous story that stimulates an MMO within itslelf. The game although sometimes confusing is a rewarding experince for RPG and Anime ...

User Rating: 4.73/5.00

18th Oct 2020

[BIOS] Sega Game Gear (USA) (Majesco)

Sega Game Gear ROM

Rainut987 says:
This bios is from the 2000 reboot of the Game Gear by Majesco, same ones for making the Genesis 3 and repackage some games, like Clay Fighter on SNES. Though, unlike, say the Wii bios, you don't really need it unless a game requires it.

User Rating: 4.48/5.00

19th Oct 2020

Guilty Gear (E)

Sony Playstation ISO

misteruser says:
The first game in the long-running Guilty Gear series, it's a 2D fighting game with quirky, anime-style fighters. There are ten characters you can choose from, movements are fast and chaotic, and special attacks are flashy. Stage music are mostly rock or heavy metal. Each character also have an Instant ...

User Rating: 4.76/5.00

20th Oct 2020

Mia Hamm Soccer 64 (USA) (En,Es)

Nintendo 64 ROM

neomoonsevin2017 says:
Also known as Michael Owens WLS 2000, RTL World League Soccer 2000 & Telefoot Soccer 2000.

User Rating: 4.88/5.00

21st Oct 2020

Viewtiful Joe (USA)

Sony Playstation 2 ISO

Mangybeard says:
Control Joe as he fights to rescue his girlfriend Silvia from Movieland. Harness the power of VFX to demolish anyone and anything in your way! Joe gains a superhero persona rather quickly, giving him the power of VFX; this gives him the ability to slow down or speed up time or zoom in on himself ...

User Rating: 4.68/5.00

22nd Oct 2020

After Burner

M.A.M.E. - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator ROM

SourMilkTea says:
Single player first person flight combat game. Analogue or digital directional controls, analogue or digital throttle and 2 buttons. Button 1 fires your gun, button 2 fires your limited armament of missiles. There's very little introduction, you launch from an aircraft carrier (called SEGA Enterprise) ...

User Rating: 4.66/5.00

23rd Oct 2020

After Burner II

M.A.M.E. - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator ROM

SourMilkTea says:
Single player first person flight combat game. Analogue or digital directional controls, analogue or digital throttle (can be disabled) and 2 buttons. Button 1 fires your gun, button 2 fires your limited armament of missiles. There's very little introduction, you launch from an aircraft carrier (called ...

User Rating: 4.55/5.00

24th Oct 2020

Ms. Pac-Man (USA, Europe)

Sega Genesis - Sega Megadrive ROM

FlashFlare says:
Ms. Pac-Man is a 2D maze game where players must consume all the dots in each maze while picking up power ups, bonus points, and avoiding ghosts out to get you. The original game was released in arcades and many console ports have been released, but many of them failed to be accurate to the arcade version ...

User Rating: 4.65/5.00

25th Oct 2020

Rally Challenge 2000 (USA)

Nintendo 64 ROM

neomoonsevin2017 says:
Also known as Rally '99

User Rating: 4.51/5.00

26th Oct 2020

Barbie Super Model (USA)

Sega Genesis - Sega Megadrive ROM

FlashFlare says:
Barbie Super Model is a mini-game collection featuring Barbie doing various "super model" activities such as driving through traffic, dressing up Barbie, and practicing dance moves. The game is hilariously easy even on the hardest difficulty and the mini-games and no more engaging than what you'd see ...

User Rating: 4.54/5.00

27th Oct 2020

MegaMan Battle Network 6 - Cybeast Falzar (U)(Independent)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

justanormaguy says:
Join Lan Hikari and his trusty net navi, Megaman, as you uncover the mystery of the legendary Cybeasts.

User Rating: 4.69/5.00

28th Oct 2020

Ape Escape 2 (Europe)

Sony Playstation 2 ISO

FlashFlare says:
Ape Escape 2 is a 3D adventure platformer similar to games like Super Mario 64 or Spyro the Dragon. Since the events of the first Ape Escape on the original PlayStation, Jimmy has accidentally shipped peak point helmets directly to Specter and his monkey minions and must undue the damage he's done. ...

User Rating: 4.44/5.00

29th Oct 2020

Robopon - Sun Version (USA)

Nintendo Game Boy Color ROM

Robopon is basically an attempt to cash in on the success of Pokemon in the late 90s. While the game wasn't as popular, it isn't bad if you're into the whole "Catch 'Em all" style of gaming and monster taming.   The story can be a little weird, but the game has an odd nostalgia to it with it's ...

User Rating: 4.4/5.00

30th Oct 2020

Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior / Art of Fighting: Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden

Neo Geo ROM

hal-9000 says:
The third entry in SNK's Art of Fighting series. This is widely considered to be the best by far in the series, with astounding graphics and great music quality. This game takes place in Mexico, with the single-player campaign giving the player their choice of any character in the roster to play as (including ...

User Rating: 4.63/5.00

31st Oct 2020

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 7 - Kettou Toshi Densetsu (J)(Cream)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

szunyzoli99 says:
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards is based on the Battle City Tournament arc of the original anime series. The gameplay is different from the actual card game; card effects have been changed or removed altogether, the rules are changed, and so on.

User Rating: 4.71/5.00

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